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31 Days of Oscar

How do you navigate and make sense of 600+ straight hours of Academy Award films for 31 continuous days each year? 

You need to get creative.  

Leading into the Oscars every year, TCM continues to program an entire month with Academy Award winner or nominated films.  It’s a great month of television.  A unique theme or clever set of programming connections often ties the films together, allowing us to creatively stretch with mobile, web, and streaming apps to bring the ideas to life.  Given that so many of the same films repeated over the decades, it was especially important to take new, divergent approaches to make the content feel fresh every year.  I supervised dozens of these sites, and some definitively pushed the boundaries of Flash, Parallax, Java, and HTML 5 capabilities.


Special Thanks: Mike Mckenzie, 1TrickPony, and the early days of the Chopping Block.

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