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A movie buff is by definition, a collector.  

I started and grew TCM's commerce business from zero to a $10M annual revenue business in about 5 years essentially targeting the untapped millions of viewers who weren’t finding a one-stop shop to buy classic movie merchandise, especially the movies they loved and wanted to own.  The challenge has always been how to grow it.  The Vault Collection was a successful path, and developing key partnerships was another, creating exclusive content and relationships.  

Storefronts and Contextual Placements

Catalog and New Merchandise

The pursuit of a new lifestyle brand

TCM's eCommerce plans were nothing short of ambitious.  There was excellent data to support that a lifestyle brand built upon TCM's national legacy as the premiere and only brand associated widely and highly with the classic era of Hollywood could expand into new retail markets. 

Vault Collection

Staying true to the mission of preserving and curating the wide expanse of American film, and treating some overlooked films with the respect they deserve.

I created the TCM Vault Collection to surface neglected film titles hidden in major studio vaults and highlight them in a special way.  These editions contained exceptional design, bonus features, and often newly remastered film prints.  The reality remains today that there are hundreds of deserving titles in various libraries ripe for discovery and in need to find an audience, but little financial means or vision to bring these titles to market.  The Vault Collection was the genesis of several ideas that would find their way into FilmStruck.   It was a highly profitable series for the studios and TCM, surfacing over 100 titles and generating 100s of thousands of units sold.  

Other Conceptual Work

Special Thanks: Taryn Coleman and the fine people at Movies Unlimited. 

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