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Movie Database

An attempt to make the worlds best online classic movie resource.

I was the creator, architect, and supervisor of TCM Movie Database, which remains one of the most widely used online classic film resources in the world.  You’ve probably never heard of it.   It’s heavily indexed with Wikipedia and is used by tens of millions users every year.  It has well over 3 million records, including 1.5 million people.  It has deep, extensive knowledge on classic film you cannot find anywhere, including IMDB, and you will find some of the very best film writing available anywhere on the web, all written exclusively for TCM.  While it never had the funding or resources it needed, it remains an integral part of TCM’s legacy and fulfills a key mission goal for the network.  

 Movie Database {2020}

Legacy Database Design

Early days

Special Thanks: John Miller, Timothy Whitney, Josh Lubin

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