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Probably the best movie service ever created, certainly one of the most well loved and critically acclaimed.

I was proud to be a founding member of FilmStruck, its SVP of Product, and lead on the core

multi-platform design. FilmStruck was Turner Broadcasting's first direct-to-consumer entertainment subscription on-demand service that offered film aficionados a comprehensive and constantly refreshed library of films across arthouse, indie, foreign, cult and classic Hollywood films.  It was the exclusive streaming home to the Warner Bros. classic film library and the Criterion Collection.  For me, it was an intense labor of love, born from an appreciation of all forms of cinema stretching back to childhood.  


FilmStruck  {early concepts}

The road to TCM's movie service was paved with dozens early ideas, designs, and concepts

A few samples of the early stages of development for the movie service, including attempts at a pure classic film streaming service.  Filmstruck was planned from the beginning to be a feature rich, deeply informative, and highly curated service.  

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