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TCM Interactive

Web product design over the years.  Very much inspired by the groundbreaking design and branding that was created by talented people in the early years of on-air design and production at TCM. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to produce cutting edge web and product design at TCM.  I was able to create a wide variety of exciting and often challenging projects.  These could range from TV apps, music widgets, Cable Operator platform pitches, iTV applications and much more, a wide gamut of digital products and experiences.  In the early aughts for web, it was about pushing the limits of Flash and HTML (before phones changed everything) to make unique online experiences, and some were a little much.  Now, it's about cross platform clarity, data, conversion, addiction, accessibility.  Check out the wild Movietopia video below - way before FilmStruck and Netflix streaming were on the seen.

TCM Web {early designs}


Before Netflix, before streaming as we know it, there was...Movietopia.

In the early aughts, as Netflix was just a DVD business, if you were paying attention and worked on the digital side of cable TV, you knew where things were headed.  People were going to get movies and TV content beyond a cable subscription.  But what should it be like?  With some help of several bright folks at Turner Broadcasting, myself and TCM leadership envisioned Movietopia.  It many ways it was a precursor to FilmStruck, and it would have been a blast.  



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Various Vintage Cool Stuff

Insane Flash Sites, iTV Fantasy Games, Widgets, and more in a twilight eclectic era

(10 years ago, a lifetime in digital)

What these all have in common remains a desire to create something genuinely unique, engaging, and enjoyable.  Much of this early work was created with talented engineers, designers and agencies.  They still stand the test of time as elegant, fun, experiences.